Photo Gallery - 2015 Reunion

2015 - New Orleans, LA

I am very pleased to report to the entire association membership that we accomplished the mission of paying tribute to all Cottonbalers, past, present and future, and especially to those first Cottonbalers who fought on Chalmette Battlefield 200 years ago, during the Bicentennial Anniversary Reunion in New Orleans 28-31 May 2015. A special thanks to our speaker Colonel (Ret) Lou Hightower, the first Honorary Colonel of the Regiment and his lovely wife Carolyn. Colonel Hightower’s remarks concerning what it means to be Cottonbaler, and how some of the traditions still used today in our active duty battalions were first established were the cornerstone for the entire reunion.

The Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting attendees agreed to keeping with our plan to return to Savannah, GA and Fort Stewart the home of our active duty Cottonbalers every other reunion. We have already begun planning our next reunion, 25-28 May 2017 in Savannah. This reunion will mark the 30th Anniversary of the 7th Infantry Regiment Association (Cottonbalers). Make plans now not to miss this opportunity to spend time with some “Damn Fine Soldiers”. At the same time we are exploring locations for the 2019 Reunion. One location mentioned was San Antonio, TX. Let us know what your thoughts are on a location for the 2019 Reunion.

Here are some photographs from the reunion.

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