Photo Gallery - 2013 Reunion

2013 - Washington, DC

The 2013 Reunion is now complete and in the books. A fairly small group of members and guests a nice, if somewhat warm weekend in the Washington, DC area. Initial comments from those who attended were very favorable. It's always great to get together with other Cottonbalers. The brotherhood and camaraderie I see when we get together is amazing. It was a nice surprise to be sitting at the Registration Table and have a Cottonbaler "walk-in" off the street. I'd like to welcome Neal Rice who 'googled' Cottonbalers that morning and came across our Reunion Announcement and showed asking if he could attend and wanting to become a Life Member. Then to see him walk into the Hospitality Room and feel welcomed by everyone present was great.

Here are a few photographs from the reunion.

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